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Great ice cream in Brookline 4th of July              Best ice cream in Pittsburgh, Our Beverly Road Shopfront


 Your Neighborhood Ice Cream Parlor

Our story starts with ice cream. It's only natural to begin that way since our two locations have been serving South Hills folks some of the best ice cream in town for generations. Two doors down from our Beverly location, a pharmacy started dishing up the creamy confection in the 1930s. And Isaly's continued that tradition in the 1960s. In 1967, Baskin Robbins moved into our current building--and it became Scoops in 2000. Ten years later we added Scoops on the Blvd in Brookline to the family.

A quick story about Brookline is here.

And NOW, introducing our new location in beautiful Bloomfield, Pittsburgh! We were drawn to Bloomfield by its tremendous sense of community and its great main street, which we now call home too. Come by and see us!

Here's what the City Paper is saying.

We think that there aren't too many things sweeter than a scoop (or two) of ice cream. Our owner has been scooping for more than twenty years, and it is his mission to maintain the quaint neighborhood hangout vibes that make Scoops so special all year long. But Scoops is more than just ice cream--it's the place to come after a hard day on the swings, to celebrate your baseball team's big win, or to visit with neighbors on a warm spring evening. The ice cream, ice cream cakes, bakery cakes, and many other sweet treats are fantastic. The only thing better is sharing them with your friends.

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